Gerry Kamin

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The Invisible One is a  CD by L.A. based solo artist Gerry Kamin.  All tracks are FCC clean.  This is an eclectic CD under the general category of “psychedelic rock”.  A brief description of the individual tracks is given below.


1) Desert Eyes – An acoustic 12-string guitar based instrumental evoking the mysticism and rhythm of desert life.


2) The Invisible One- The title track and the only track with vocals.  This is retro boogie at its finest, fresh for the 21st century.


3) Ghost of Summer – A piano based instrumental that is disturbingly beautiful.  Listen closely and you will hear ghostly vibrations from the past encased in the sounds of the 19th century Bechstein grand piano that it was recorded with.


4) Bouncer – Pedal to the floor instrumental rock.  If there is anything out there that rocks harder than this please let us know.


5) Hookah- Funky and dirty with shredding guitar.


6) Nature Boy – Sweet, melodic and rocking; a trip to the country.


7) The Big Hitz – Bluesy, slow and heavy.  Each beat thumps like a ten ton cement block, with guitar and organ jams.


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Thanks for listening.


Gerry Kamin