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Gerry Kamin

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 Creatio Ex Nihilo Volume 1


Gerry Kamin is a Los Angeles based artist.  He is a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist with his primary instrument being the guitar.  His music summons the psychedelic magic of Hendrix with bluesy-jazzy jams and classic rock sensibility.  The energy of the music is high, vital, and current. 

What's New?

Hello and welcome to my site.  Show some love for the music and help me spread the word.  The latest CD, Creatio Ex Nihilo Volume 1 is out and available everywhere.  Turn up the volume and groove.


My home video/music project is called The Loopy Guitar Orchestra.   You can watch and listen to the "Mondo Boogie Jam" on You Tube by clicking on the video below.    It features guitar and  piano jams as well as some  psychedelic art.  Enjoy.



As always, you are encouraged to check out the video selections page. 

On it you can find some  great music and videos from some of my favorite bands, old and new.


Mondo Boogie

Loopy Guitar Orchestra : Garden Devil

Loopy Guitar Orchestra: Soulsonic Traveller

Watch the Desert Eyes video.

"Music is the voice of god" - Flea