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I haven't been adding much to this list lately.  If you want more music recommendations, please go to my video page and check out the video selections.



Black Sabbath

I just saw Sabbath at the forum in L.A. and wow - they remain one of the greatest live acts ever.  Friends, do whatever you need to do to see this band on their farewell tour.  This is the real deal.


JJ Grey and MoFro

Wow, just saw JJ with his current band and they just blew my mind.  I wasn't expecting it to be that great.  One of the most talented group of musicians I have seen in a while.  And JJ seems like he had an artistic epiphany of some sort.  The holy church of rock and soul lives on. 







 Tony Allen

Until now I have inadvertently neglected to mention the greatest musician on the planet (IMO).  Tony Allen is an African drummer who was the musical force behind Fela Kuti, the legendary Nigerian singer/political activist.  A lot of people know of Fela but not nearly as many know of Tony.  An older gentleman now - I think he is in his seventies, Tony Allen is a master polyrhythmist.  He plays with many different projects, some under his own name and others are collaborations. I have seen him live on numerous occasions and can say this - every project he is involved with is raised to a much higher level due to his presence, soul, and talent. Go see him live now - he is a living legend who is reaching his final years but is still at the top of his game.

Little Barrie

Not exactly a new band but a great one out of the UK.  They just came out with a new CD and man does it rock with psychedelic soul - very groovy stuff.  Can't wait to check them out live.  C'mon Little Barrie - get your arse out to L.A. soon.

Derek Trucks

Another very good old school style blues rock guitar player.  A child prodigy, he has blossomed into one of the best improviser/guitarists of our time.  I caught him with a band of stellar New Orleans musicians and it was classic.  Currently he is touring with Susan Tedeschi who is a soulful wailer on vocals.  Whoever he is with, count on the show that night being the bomb.


Miles Tacket

Who has heard of Miles Tacket?  Not very many people - which is a shame.  Formerly of the very talented Breakestra project from L.A., Miles has transcended and produced a spacey, vibrant and hypnotic new CD.  Check it out.



Straight out of the cutting edge L.A. psychedelic underground.  This band is dark, mysterious, heavy and hypnotic.  Check out the new and masterful video for the song "Ancient Future" on You Tube and prepare to have your senses blown.



Silversun Pickups

I first saw the Silversun Pickups at the legendary Spaceland (now called the Sattelite) in Silver Lake California.  They were opening for another band whose name I forget - even thought the headliner was actually pretty cool.  Anyway, there were about 7 people in attendance at the show at the time they played - and they rocked the house.  I had a feeling that they had commercial potential due to their early Smashing Pumpkins like vibe.  But man did they jam.  From their latest CD it seems like they continue to get better.



Gary Clarke Jr.

Thank heaven for the arrival of Gary Clarke Jr.  Finally us psychedelic blues rock lovers have a new hero.  What a great guitarist.  Gary can do more with one note than most guitarist can do with a thousand.  His rapping is a little weak, but hey - a guy that good on guitar can afford an indulgence or two.



Just saw this band at the Roxy in Hollywood.  Extremely cool and funky.  The rhythm section is blisteringly hot and the guitarist is top notch.  My only complaint would be the keyboardist singer who I believe is new.  Please use this dude sparingly.  He is a good spice but is overused.  Still highly recommended.


Tame Impala

Wow.  Tame Impala is a really tripped out live act as well as having some cool CDs.  But if you haven't seen them live, you are missing one of the premiere psychedelic experimental rock acts of our day or any day.  These dudes could hold their own with the original King Crimson or anyone else from that era - but their sound is not dated by any means.

Laura Marling

In case you haven't noticed, there is a folk revival going on with some of the greatest folk artists since Nick Drake.  Laura Marling is one of the best.  Mysterious and occult but with warmth.  I hear she moved to Silver Lake (an L.A. burb) recently.  Hope I get a chance to check her out.


Jose Gonzalez (Junip)

Another very, very good acoustic oriented singer songwriter.  The last time I saw him was with his band Junip who are very cool.  A gifted songwriter with a high psychedelic vibe.






Trombone Shorty

Did you think that the era of great R&B singers was over?  Or that jazz instrumental greats doing rock soul music was a thing of the past?  Go see Trombone Shorty live.  One of the great unique talents around , with a phenomenal band and songs that should be at the top of the charts.


Jon Butler Trio

From down under (Australia) Jon is another on of todays unique and gifted talents.  Live is where he really shines.  A great guitarist with a totally unique style of playing, he is also a gifted songwriter with a very soulful voice and at times an almost aboriginal sound.



Umphrey's McGee

The best of the current Jam Bands in my opinion - and there are a lot of very good Jam Bands out there.  Umphrey's is in a league of their own with a very rocking exploratory sound.




Joe Banamassa

I have been meaning to see Joe and his band for a couple of years and I finally got the chance last Friday at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.  Wow - fantastic show.  Joe is a ridiculously talented singer and guitar player and his band is phenomenal - especially keyboardist Derek Sherinian who is quite possibly the greatest keyboard player alive in my opinion.  Joe does blues rock and you know the critics are not going to give him the time of day because of this.  But he has created a dedicated following which now includes me big time.  Another great artist that seems to be completely under the cultural radar but is nevertheless thriving,  Highly recommended live show.
Classic neo-psychedelia.  These guys are from England. and they are among the coolest of the new psychedelic underground that will transform music (again).  Haven't seen them live but their videos are just too groovy.
The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic
Monster Magnet was a band from the 1990's that I liked a lot and Ed Mundell, the guitarist has put together a great new stoner rock jam band.  The new CD rocks the house with some wicked rocking jams.  And Ed is apparently a neighbor of mine  (Studio City CA)..  If ya wanna jam some time Ed, let me know.







I want to start this page with a shout out to my favorite band these days: Earthless.  I first saw them at Spaceland (now called the Satellite) in Silver Lake California.  There was a local buzz around the band and the place was packed.  Unfortunately, the sound was muddled and the guitar playing was inaudible - but there was an energy that was unmistakable.  So I went to see them again at The Casbah in L.A.  This time it was a completely different story.  They came onstage, picked up their instruments, and played for an hour straight.  It was possibly the most hypnotic mesmerizing performance that I have ever witnessed.   They are one of the few bands out there that is really pushing the boundaries and exploring musical energy on an elemental vibrational level.  On a good night they will take you on a trip like very, very few bands - present or past. 


Adam Franklin


Adam Franklin of the band Swervedriver has a new CD out: Black Horses that is  beautiful, intricately melodic, and masterfully composed and executed.  Highly recommended.


Rival Sons


Why Rival Sons are not huge by now is a mystery.  A high energy rock band with the swagger of Led Zep and a Rock and Roll intensity that is contagious and spacey, you can't lose with this band.  They will rock your world.

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